Welcome Table Board

The Vermillion Welcome Table is a 501 (3) (c) nonprofit organization. The board members include:

John Lushbough, Director

email: jlushbough@gmail.com

phone: 605-670-0958

Peggy Cooper

Email: pegcooper55@hotmail.com

Maxine Johnson

Email: mczap4166@gmail.com

Curt Jopling

Email: curt.jopling@gmail.com

Hailey Bruggeman

Email: hailey.purves@outlook.com

Dennis Davis

Email: dlynndad@hotmail.com

Royce Miller

Email: royce.d.miller@gmail.com

Amanda Nyhaug

Email: Amanda.Nyhaug@k12.sd.us

Barb Schwartz

Email: babs52249@hotmail.com

Carol Lushbough

Email: carol.lushbough@usd.edu

Chelsea Wesner

Email: Chelsea.Wesner@usd.edu


The Vermillion Welcome Table is hosted by the Vermillion Community Connection Center. 

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